10 JULY 2019

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Petroleum jelly has been a firm staple in many bathroom cabinets and handbags for decades. It’s literally the definition of a multiuse beauty product! Uses range from face and body skin care to creating glossy make up looks. You can understand why Tyra Banks went CRAZY for it back in 2010! Unfortunately petroleum is an unsustainable substance derived from the fossil fuels. Apparently the guy that commercialised it decided to do so after spotting oil workers rubbing it on their wounds. Fortunately, there are many environmentally sustainable alternatives offering more benefits to the skin, whilst retaining that multiuse practicality.  Check out some out below!

Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointmemt

With a divine lavender scent, Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment would be particularly fabulous for dry lips or dry patches of skin. Olive fruit oil, which is highly concentrated with fatty acids, is a key ingredient. Initially appearing rather solid, it melts easily into a thinner consistency upon the first swipe of your finger. Hence it’s a much lighter oil than standard petroleum jelly.  £6.49 Shop Now.

Akamuti Organic Petroleum Free Jelly

Nutty. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of this product. With organic macadamia oil being the main ingredient, you can see why! Macadamia oil is rich in properties that protect the skin and promote healing after sunburn and other types of skin damage (i)The texture of this product is similar to that of petroleum jelly. I wasn’t fan of applying this to my lips because of the strong nutty aroma, however it’s great for face and body skincare. It stands out for being the only product on the list that contains shea butter – a great ingredient for the skin. Unfortunately Akamuti have packaged this product in a plastic tub. It would be awesome if they make the switch to using small glass jars instead. £8.00  Shop Now.  

Beauty Kitchen Natruline

Of all the products on this list, Natruline by far appears and feels the most like standard petroleum jelly. It’s pretty much exactly the same. As castor oil is the main ingredient, it has properties that benefit the skin – it really made my lips feel super soft. Although intended to be a lip treatment, I would literally use this for all the exact same things one can use petroleum jelly for. This also comes in a vegan formula which is just as fab.  £2.99  Shop Now  

Anita Grant Petroleum Free Jelly

Melting easily at room temperature, this petroleum free jelly behaves a lot like coconut oil. It’s texture does not resemble that of petroleum jelly. Due to how easily this melts, it isn’t a product I would recommend chucking in your bag as you go about your day. However, it is still a good addition for the bathroom cabinet. On the whole, the very light texture makes it an effective scent free all over body moisturiser. I think it could be used on the face as well. £10.75  Shop Now 

Honorable mention - Shea butter

Shea butter works effectively by trapping moisture into the skin, whilst still acting as a humectant. It contains wonderful properties, such as fatty acids that nourish the skin. Learn more about shea butter and where to buy it here.