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Founded in New Zealand, this hair and skincare brand specialise in zero waste products. All their products come in the same format – a bar of soap. From body scrubs to shampoo and conditioner – they all come in a solid, block form. The brand claims that their beauty bars last 2-5 time longer than the bottled alternative. Ethique uses sustainable, plant-based ingredients and is certified cruelty free – PETA certified!

Mintasy Solid Shampoo Bar

I’ve stayed away from shampoo bars because I’m not a huge fan of bar soap. However I decided to throw caution to the wind and try out Ethque’s Mintasy Shampoo bar and was pleasantly surprised.

So first of all, I have Afro hair (4c, low porosity, fine stands, high density – if you know, you know!). Ethique’s instructions suggest you apply the bar of soap directly to your hair. There was no way I was going to take the whole block of soap and rub it against my head, so I decided to cut it into smaller chunks. This meant that I could just take what I need without making the whole bar soggy. I ended up using two small chunks for one wash. I wash my hair in sections, so I literally just rubbed each section with the soap. The soap produces a decent lather, whilst not making your hair feel stripped of moisture.

The smell is DIVINE !!! I love it and the mint made my scalp feel so fresh and so clean…clean (yes, that was a OutKast reference 😎). I feel this shampoo is perfect everyday or weekly use. However if you have just taken your hair down from style you’ve had in for a few weeks (e.g weave or cornrows) I would recommend a stronger, more clarifying shampoo. Ethique’s Minstasy shampoo bar cost £12.99, a bit more than your average shampoo but you get so much use out of one bar, so I definitely think it’s worth it



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