22 march 2018

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Body scrubs are a good way to exfoliate the skin and have various benefits, such as increasing blood circulation, helping with ingrown hairs and getting rid of dead skin which results in that smooth feeling. Try using a body scrub when showering, dampen your skin with warm water first and then apply the body scrub. Rub in circular and back and forth motions and then rinse off. 

Below is a list of body scrubs which utilise the best of nature to keep your skin silky smooth. All body scrubs listed below are free from mineral oil and parabens.

Opitat Hit The Sheets Coffee Scrub in Vanilla Velvet

Opitat has a sustainable approach towards their body scrubs, they are over 99% natural and made from re-used Arabica Coffee Grounds. The Vanilla Velvet body scrub is easy to apply and as expected, has a very strong coffee scent. Unlike some other scrubs, I didn’t find that this left an oily finish on the skin once washed off, but it did feel very smooth.

Size:  220g   Price: £9.99 (From Opitat)

Organic Shop Body Desserts Hot Chocolate Warming Body Scrub

Containing some certified organic ingredients, this body scrub is incredibly thick, however once water hits it, it’s a lot easier to apply. The scrubs texture comes from salt and other natural ingredients. The Hot Chocolate Body Scrub contains pepper which is suppose to help warm up the appearance of the skin, I assume through causing increased blood circulation to the specific area. It did leave me slightly red in some areas at first, how my skin was really soft and smooth afterwards.

Size: 450ml   Price: £7.99 (From Amazon)

Natura Siberica Oblepika and Honey Body Scrub

Containing organic and natural ingredients, Natura Siberica’s Salt Scrub with a very thick texture, reminds me of set honey! The body scrub works well, leaving skin feeling silky, with a slighty oily finish. I personally like body scrubs that leave this finish as my skin feels supple and moisturised a result. My favourite thing about this scrub is it’s deliciously sweet and fruity scent.

Size: 300ml  Price: £6.95 (From Amazon)


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Author: A.M ( A person trying to be socially responsible)
Date: 22.03.2018